Our qualified instructors have a combined 200 years of umpiring experience. Our staff includes:

 Umpire In Charge

Tom Tune


Lead                Ryan Stockdate          Minor League Umpire

Rules               Glenn Davis                Div 2 College/NWAC, Western Region L.L. Academy Instructor

Rules               Ian Osgood                 Div 2 College/NWAC, Western Region L.L. JR Umpire Academy Instructor

Rules               Jody Daisa                  European Regional Little League Umpire

Mechanics       Jason Barnum             Div 2 College/NWAC Umpire

Mechanics       Joe Mano                    Little League World Series Umpire

Mechanics       Rick Stockdale            European Regional Little League Umpire

Mechanics       Josh Marshall              Minor League Umpire (Cactus League)

Balk                 Joe Townson               Minor League Pitcher  (Right hand)                

Balk                 Kyle Aselton                Minor League Pitcher  (Left hand)

Fast Pitch        Brandon Blume           NCAA/PAC 10 Umpire

Fast Pitch        Mark Diaz                    NCAA CC Umpire

Fast Pitch        Andy Ziedy                  NCAA CC Umpire

Cage Instructors:

Eddie Angel, Greg Beck, Al Daniels, Charles Howard, Cory Logue, Paul Miller, Jerry Schoonover, Mark Snyder, Tom Waltermeyer, Jim Waltermeyer.

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